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The new vibe of indie horror and dark fiction podcast. That Horrible Woman, serves up a variety of genres by some of the best modern authors and indie presses from around the world. Welcome to my haunt. Come for the fear, stay for the chill.
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Jan 23, 2017

A new year has come and we're back (after a break) with two new stories. This evening's first bit of microfiction is by Daniel S. Liuzzi. The title of his worrisome little tale is "The Clock Struck Twelve".  He let me know the word count was 666, very clever of you to create a story fitting that length Daniel!  

Our second is by the Author Yani.  She's an Amazon best-selling author of five 5-star novels of five 5 star novels.  Her "A Thug's Redemption" series, landed her in the top 20 of African-American Fiction-Urban Life category.  This is her first foray into horror and after reading her 3 story collection "Terrors from Beyond", I knew I wanted to bring her work to the podcast. So that said, tonight you'll hear "If I Should Die Before I Wake".

Many thanks to both Daniel S. Liuzzi and The Author Yani for allowing us to share their work! You'll be hearing more from Yani next month, which is Women in Horror month.  I'll be bringing you frightening fare from some wickedly talented women (and men) featuring some very memorable female characters. Makes That Horrible Woman so happy I could shriek with joy!  There will be another episode out soon before WIH month on the show starts.  Check back soon, wouldn't want you to miss any of the horrible fun to be had.

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Many thanks for listening darklings, until the next time,

sweet screams....Rhys