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The new vibe of indie horror and dark fiction podcast. That Horrible Woman, serves up a variety of genres by some of the best modern authors and indie presses from around the world. Welcome to my haunt. Come for the fear, stay for the chill.
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Apr 14, 2018

Welcome, it's been too long! After a bit of technical refurbishment, I'm back and so glad you've come to visit!

Please do get comfortable, I have some delightfully deviant stories on the menu this evening.  The vibe is "love".

Our first story is all about friendship - the real kind when you bond with someone.  It was written by a friend of mine, Mr. Deadman.  He dwells in the underworld, living amongst ly the best and greatest of celebrities, dictators and serial killers. He is a wonderful writer, his titles include The Bleeder series, The Master's Torment, and The Cradle of Ruin (all available on Amazon).  Oh, and runs Deadman's Tome! His tale this evening is: Lake Monster.

Friendship love can be a bit messy....

Next up a lovely work of obsessive love, by J. A. Crook.  His stories were featured in two episodes of season 1. His way with words is absolutely poetic. Our second tale: The Widow, I.

That love was enough to wake the dead.

Now for this evening's final offering, a love with a secret. The author of this story is Steven M. Vance. He is a husband of 31 years, with three children and five grandchildren.  A former Army combat medic, he currently works as a cardiac telemetry technician. He describes himself a late bloomer as a writer, he definitely has a gift and he gives it to us in his story: Secret Santa.

Thanks to all of tonight's authors: Mr. Deadman, J. A. Crook, and Steven M. Vance.  Your talents are truly appreciated. 

Thank you for listening dear fiends! It's always a pleasure to have you here.  More stories are coming soon and I look forward to welcoming you all back.

Fear is always served fresh here!

See you soon,


Special thanks to Deadman's Tome and Mr. Deadman