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The new vibe of indie horror and dark fiction podcast. That Horrible Woman, serves up a variety of genres by some of the best modern authors and indie presses from around the world. Welcome to my haunt. Come for the fear, stay for the chill.
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Nov 10, 2017

Guess who's back in the haunt? 

It's wonderful to be back, and to welcome you to That Horrible Woman S2E1.  Thank you all for the support you showed in season 1.  You are the reason I step out of the crypt every night in search of dreadful tales to delight and frighten you. 

We start off this season with an excerpt from Nicholas Forristal's novel Dominatius.  Born in the 80s during the age of the Oregon Trail, Nicholas remembers the days before the internet, when the world was young and herds of dial-up BBS roamed the digital landscape in peace. Nicholas went on to college at Kansas State University and studied psychology. It was here, at the pinnacle of his lowly existence, that he met his future wife. After that, life became dull and work-centric, as adulthood typically does. So now he writes to fight back the madness, while his son plays with imaginary friends. Follow him on Facebook and on twitter @NForristal

William Marchese is our second author tonight.  William works "the day job" in lower Manhattan, foraging free time to kick start his writing career. He has been published in Hindered Souls Anthology, Deadman's Tome, Unnerving Magazine issue 3, Trickster’s Treats anthology and Aphotic Realm issue 3. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association.

You can follow him on Twitter here: @Wcmarchese
Follow his website at

Thank you Nick for the fantastic story (the book is great!).  You'll be hearing more about "Dom" this season.  A big thank you as well to William Marchese - it was a pleasure to narrate your story, my friend.

Time to be off and on my way.  I hope you enjoyed tonight's offerings.  Want to help? Tell your friends and spread the word, I and all the fantastic authors would definitely appreciate it.  Leaving your positive feedback on iTunes, etc, will aid in growing the fear and spreading the word to other horror afficionados like you!  

With much love from my cold black heart,


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